1 March 2019 No Comments by The Northern Standard

By Patsy McArdle

PRELIMINARY enrolment numbers in primary and postprimary schools in Co. Monaghan show just 1.1 per cent increase between September 2017 and September 2018. The Department of Education and Skills has published initial results on enrolments for September 2018 in primary and post-primary schools across Ireland. The data provides information on increases and decreases in school enrolments across the country, changes in the numbers attending schools of different ethos, as well as average school sizes.

The total number of pupils enrolled for the 2018/2019 school year in both primary and postprimary schools in Monaghan rose to 13,257, an increase of 141. Commenting on the data, Minister McHugh said: “I welcome the early publication of this report on enrolments by local administrative area in primary and post-primary schools. The numbers highlight the rise in the school-going population across the country, with an increase at both primary and secondary level enrolments. They reflect the important changes taking place in the patronage of our schools, with more choice available to parents.

At both primary and secondary level, the number of multidenominational schools has risen. There is also a move towards larger schools in our post-primary system as enrolments increase each year. These numbers provide…

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