4 January 2019 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Michael Fisher

Ryan Tubridy was just finishing the last RTÉ Late Late Show before Christmas on television (Friday 21st December around 11.45pm) when my wife drew my attention to a strange noise outside the house in Tydavnet. I stood up to investigate and heard what I thought was the sound or an aeroplane with propellors, a very unusual occurrence at that time of night for a flight to be passing what seemed to be overhead.

A check on the flightradar24 app confirmed that this was indeed a plane that had flown nearby at around 13,375ft (see illustration) on its journey from across the Atlantic, passing over Achill Island and Co. Mayo as well as Sligo and Leitrim, then heading across part of Co. Fermanagh across the north Monaghan air corridor towards Co. Tyrone and Armagh. There was a picture of the aircraft, a large four-engined Antonov AN-12, a former Russian military cargo plane that was fifty years old and was now being operated by…

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