23 February 2017 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Concerns that preparations for the introduction of a “hard Border” between the Republic and Northern Ireland were already in train were voiced at the latest white line protest organised by the Border Communities Against Brexit campaign group on Saturday morning last.

The Border crossing between Monaghan and Tyrone at Moybridge was the location for the local element of the protest, the main focus of which was centred on the M1 motorway at Carrickarnon between Dundalk and Newry and incorporated a “go slow” on the main road route.

Local Border Communities Against Brexit spokesperson Paul Gibbons stated: “This week we were shocked to learn that Irish Government officials have already been out to many Border roads to survey where any Customs checkpoints will be located.

“This information came one day after An Taoiseach Enda Kenny said it is a vital national interest that there is no return to a hard Border on the island of Ireland when the UK leaves the European Union.
“What on earth are we to believe – one day we hear it vital there is no hard Border and the next day the Irish Government has been surveying?

We are sleepwalking into a hard Brexit and a hard Border.

“It’s simple – An Taoiseach and the leaders of all the political parties must clearly …

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