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An online petition calling on Independent member of Monaghan Co Council Seamus Treanor to resign following controversial comments he made about Muslims has attracted almost 600 signatures.

Councillor Treanor has come in for some strong criticism, much of it circulating on social media forums, after he declared at last week’s meeting of the Monaghan Municipal District that 98% of Muslims who came to Ireland did not want to work.

Speaking during a vote of sympathy to the French people on the Nice terrorist attack which was claimed by the Islamist extremist group Islamic State, the North Monaghan local public representative also welcomed the fact that “our Government has woken up to the danger of the Islam movement to western society.”

A statement issued on behalf of the Sinn Féin members of the Monaghan Municipal District – Councillors Sean Conlon and Brian McKenna – yesterday condemned Councillor Treanor’s comments as “sectarian and very inflammatory” (see below). The statement pointed out that neither SF councillor was in the Municipal District meeting chamber when Councillor Treanor made his remarks.

The Northern Standard has received several Letters to the Editor this week which also take exception to the Independent councillor’s remarks.
Speaking on Northern Sound radio this week, Councillor Treanor rejected accusations of racism, stating that anyone who knew him was aware that he “did not have a racist bone in my body”.

Asked to explain the provenance of the statistic he cited at the Municipal District meeting, Councillor Treanor said that it came from Denmark. He said that Denmark had taken in 30,000 asylum seekers from various Islamic states over ten years ago, at a time when the Danish economy was “flying” and the country decided that it would get all the influx of people working.

“Ten years later, and this comes from the Danish …



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