1 July 2016 No Comments by The Northern Standard

“The EU is not just about laws and rules agreed for the common interest, it is about Europe and multiculturalism and respecting each other with common values.”

So writes Clones journalist Cliona Connolly in the following exclusive piece for The Northern Standard in which she reflects on the reaction to the UK referendum outcome in Brussels, where she works as Press Officer for the Irish European People’s Party grouping in the European Parliament:
Friday 24th June was a very sad day for me personally and for everyone here in Brussels. I was genuinely shocked and upset to hear the results of the UK’s referendum on EU membership from the early hours of last Friday morning, realising that the Leave campaign had won by a narrow margin of just 51.9% against the 48% of UK residents who wanted to Remain in the European Union.

Having grown up in a border county like Monaghan, I understand the important role the EU has played in supporting peace and rebuilding Northern Ireland and the border region to the benefit of every citizen on the island of Ireland. We all know, but perhaps some have forgotten, what is now the EU was founded in the aftermath of a devastating World War in which some 60 million people died. WWII left the continent in ruins.

By agreeing to form a Union, former enemy states …

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