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A WELL-KNOWN former Clones-based solicitor pleaded guilty at Monaghan Circuit Court on Tuesday to stealing over €850,000 from clients over a seven-year period between 2006 and 2013.

Sentencing was deferred in the case of Paul Madden, aged 50, of The Diamond, Clones, who had admitted his guilt on 16 separate charges relating to monies taken from various clients’ accounts, contrary to Section 4 of the Criminal Justice (Theft and Fraud Offences) Act 2001.

The offences all took place at his former business premises at Paul Madden & Co, Fitzpatrick Square, Clones on various dates between 1st October 2006 and 16th September 2013, and involved the taking of monies from nine different client accounts.

Upon being arraigned before Judge John Aylmer, the former solicitor admitted that on dates unknown between 1st October 2006 and 16th September 2013 he stole monies to the value of €60,650 from Sandra McMahon and Paul Dobbin, that between 19th July 2007 and 27th October 2012 he stole €38,550 from James Campbell, that between 1st August 2008 and 19th September 2013 he stole €68,991.46 from Barry Langan and Rose Langan, that on 30th April 2009 he stole €79,152.72 from Georgina Skelton, that on 21st May 2009 he stole €59,682.53 from Ms Skelton, that on 28th August 2009 he stole €17,277.58 and a further €36,198.86 from Ms Skelton, that on 31st August 2009 he stole €50,313.11 from Ms Skelton, that on 31st August 2010 he stole €77,986.93 from Peter McCabe, that on 13th December 2011 he stole €36,982.08 from Peter McGurk, that on 4th March 2012 he stole €46,841.14 from John Henry Skelton, that on 8th March 2012 he stole €34,866.91 and 32,500.53 from John James Caulfield, that on 28th March 2012 he a further €109,377.48 from Mr Caulfield, that on 21st June 2013 he stole a further €80,000 from John Henry Skelton, and that on dates between 15th July 2013 and 14th August 2013 he stole €27,500 from Edward McDermott.

The total amount taken from the account of Georgina Skelton came to €242,624.80, while John James Caulfield suffered a loss of €176,744.92 and €126,841.14 was stolen from John Henry Skelton.

The overall amount that Mr Madden admitted taking from the nine separate client accounts came to €856,871.33 in total.

It was indicated by lawyers for the defendant that a plea in mitigation would me made on his behalf on the sentencing date.

Legal aid in the case was granted to Mr Madden at a preliminary District Court hearing, which was told that he was in “straitened financial circumstances”. In June 2015 he had been officially struck off the roll of solicitors after being found guilty of professional misconduct in relation to client funds.

Remanding Madden on continuing bail, Judge Aylmer adjourned the case to the next scheduled sittings of Monaghan Circuit Court on 14th June next to allow a date be set for sentencing. It was also confirmed that the sentence is to be deliberated on by a judge other than Judge John D O’Hagan, the resident judge on the Northern Circuit.


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