25 March 2016 No Comments by The Northern Standard

By Veronica Corr

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.”

The above quote from Anatole France is hanging in Paul Derrick’s kitchen, Creevy Lake, Carrickmacross. Paul has an unusual hobby which he is really passionate about and has earned him the title of Military Architect in Lego.

Two years ago Paul got the idea for his most ambitious project to date, building Sackville Street 1916 (modern day O’Connell Street, Dublin) including the iconic GPO, entirely out of Lego.

Initially, Paul was a bit apprehensive about executing the idea because he didn’t want it to look like a political statement, but his wife Evanna assured him that it would not be construed that way because of the year that’s in it. And we at The Northern Standard felt that it would be perfect for our Easter edition.

A fact which perhaps adds an extra layer of objectivity is that Paul was reared in England: “My great grandfather on my mother’s side was from Cork and my other great grandfather was German.

“Both of them ended up in England during the 1920s and as a result the family stayed in England, until I moved back to Ireland. I’ve lived here for ten years and my wife says that I’m more Irish than the Irish!”

He has been a Lego enthusiast since 1979, but his interest in it was reignited fifteen years ago and since then it has really taken off.

Although Paul concedes that his can be an expensive hobby, he gets an allocation from the Lego User Group which provides him with a bulk supply of bricks.

He also gets access to a Lego ambassador, who is elected by members. If Paul has a specific project in mind he can go through the Lego Ambassador to get what he needs. All support groups and fan clubs are also run through the user group.

Lego have an ethos and everything Paul does needs to fit in with this, that’s part of the reason why he works on historical rather than political projects.

In return for the perks of being part of the Lego User Group, Paul has to commit to displaying six projects a year. He says he often does more than that and his work has been displayed


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