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The numbers of walkers and cyclists using the Ulster Canal Greenway in Monaghan town exceeded 100,000 in 2015, Monaghan Co Council confirmed this week as they outlined plans for an ambitious extension programme for the route.

Linking the schools to the north of the town to the town centre and Mullaghmatt and Rossmore Park to the west, the Co Council’s investment in the 4.2km route has proven to be an outstanding success. Last year was the first full year of operation for the facility, which is proving a hit with both commuters and leisure users.

Figures published this week reveal that the Glen Road to Rossmore section was used by 54,940 people in 2015, whilst the Rooskey to Coolshannagh section was used by 47,404.

Usage of the Rooskey section is spread evenly across the whole day, from 8 am to 9 pm, with the peak hours being 6-8 pm and 1-2 pm. This would indicate a lot of use for health/exercise. It is used pretty evenly across the 7 days of the week, with peak usage on Tuesday and Sunday.

The Glen Road section follows a broadly similar usage pattern, except that it continues to facilitate a level of usage throughout the night. Peak usage of this section is Monday to Wednesday.

The Rooskey section’s busiest months are March through to June. Usage drops during July and August, then rises again in September and October. This indicates it is being well used by the schools. November and December are the quietest months; January and February are much busier – perhaps New Year’s resolutions have an impact on this!

The Glen Road section’s busiest months are April to July. There is stronger usage across the other months than on the Rooskey section in November/December, indicating that it is being routinely used for town access from the residential areas of Mullaghmatt/Cortolvin.


Monaghan Co Council says the Greenway is not just a success with its human users; extensive efforts were made during its construction to incorporate elements to promote wildlife habitats, and these are now bearing fruit. A kingfisher raised two clutches along the greenway last summer, and the original seed bed which was preserved during excavation works is beginning to establish itself in dense verges teeming with variety.

The Greenway was key to Monaghan Tidy Towns winning a special Notice Nature national award in the Tidy…


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