4 February 2016 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Adherence to the regulations governing hedge cutting was essential for road safety in Co Monaghan, Independent member of Monaghan Co Council Hugh McElvaney stated this week.

Colr McElvaney highlighted the problems posed to traffic on the regional roads of the county in particular this week as the Co Council introduced new procedures for inspections and possible enforcement action for non-compliance to ensure the regulations in this regard were complied with by landowners (see below).

The Independent representative distributed photographs illustrating the hazards faced by motorists on regional roads at Monday’s Council meeting, at which he also called on the new Chief Executive of the local authority, Eamonn O’Sullivan, to make road safety a priority.

Speaking to The Northern Standard following the meeting, Colr McElvaney said he was particularly concerned about the danger that unmaintained hedges posed to regional road users.

He said the issue was of particular concern to those in the haulage and transport sectors, who had to put their vehicles through expensive NCT procedures only to find that in some cases they could not traverse regional roads because of the encroachment of hedges.

Welcoming the new hedge cutting procedures put in place by the Co Council’s Roads Section, Colr McElvaney (speaking at Monday’s meeting of the Council in Carrickmacross) requested the new Chief Executive of the local authority to make road safety a priority of his.

Handing round photographs which he said illustrated what people had to put up with because of overgrown hedges on roads that left no room for cyclists or pedestrians, the Independent representative noted that certain procedures were now in place in relation to hedge cutting in order to make their roads safer.

“I welcome this new scheme, and I will be …


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