21 January 2016 No Comments by The Northern Standard

An emergency county meeting has been called for tonight, Thursday in Castleblayney’s Glencarn Hotel in an attempt to stave off a threat to the future of Community Games in Co Monaghan.

The County Committee of the organisation said this week that they have been unable to fill vital officer positions, and will not be able to continue without these key roles being filled.

Thousands of young people in Co Monaghan have traditionally been introduced to sporting activity through the medium of Community Games, and the county has a proud record of achievement at national level.

But a serious deficit of commitment to fulfilling important administrative roles has now arisen within the ranks of the county organisation, which has appealed this week for a vigorous public response to tonight’s meeting, at which the future of the organisation in the county will be decided.

A statement received by The Northern Standard from the county body this week stated:

“Since the start of Community Games in Co Monaghan in 1973, the organisation has offered a wide range of activities, experiences and fun memories to the children throughout our county.

“Many children and adults alike can fondly remember the day they ran in Beech Hill, competed in team events or tried their hand at art for a chance to represent our county at National Finals. This year alone we had a large number of children who attended the National Festival in Athlone, bringing home 11 Gold, 7 Silver, 7 Bronze and 13th 4th Place victories – a fantastic achievement for any county.

“However, the future is NOT looking bright for this volunteer-run organisation. Areas throughout the county are struggling to organise activities and run events with the small number of volunteers on hand.

“Every year, less and less people are attending Area AGMs, meaning more work and stress is being placed on those few remaining.

“The Co Committee have been unable to fill vital officer positions and CANNOT continue as an organisation without these key roles filled. With no County Committee, areas will be forced to abandon and this fantastic organisation will come to an end throughout our county. Already, the Co Committee are three months behind schedule and this will strongly impact on Phase 1 which was originally due to start in February.

“An emergency county meeting has been called for tonight, Thursday, January 21 at 8.30 pm in the Glencarn Hotel, Castleblayney and we urge all areas to send representation and to consider the roles that need to be filled.

“If a full committee is not formed at the meeting, the county, and as a result all areas, will be forced to abandon Phase 1 activities and the future of Co Monaghan Community Games will truly be in jeopardy.

“In order to plan for a successful future for the organisation, we need more volunteers coming in at area level throughout Monaghan. Please consider becoming involved in your local areas as without the help of a large number of volunteers, children will lose out on the fantastic experiences and opportunities Community Games can provide.

“With such a wide spectrum of varied events, there is something to tickle all interests and talents. If interested in getting involved, please contact your local area secretary or email monaghancommunitygamespro@gmail.com, where we will put you in touch with your area.”

The statement concluded with the Helen Keller quotation: “Alone we can do little; together we can do much.”


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