12 December 2015 No Comments by The Northern Standard

At the recent monthly meeting of the Monaghan Municipal District an update was provided by Sinn Féin councillor Seán Conlon on the latest developments following on from Coillte’s public consultation opportunity aimed at shaping that agency’s strategic plans including how they manage state forests such as Rossmore Park.

Referring to a stakeholders meeting attended by Coillte management and members of the public who had engaged in the consultation process, Cllr Conlon stated,

“Following on from the public’s response to Coillte’s invitation for submissions seeking input and guidance in how best to serve the public interest in managing state parks such as Rossmore Park, I attended a meeting hosted by Coillte management where a summary of the main issues submitted last August was discussed. Most importantly, a report was given on the progress being made at addressing the concerns raised.

“Acknowledgements were given of how there is much room for improvement across a wide range of factors that impact on the user experience at Rossmore Park, this was evident from the input into the consultation process and discussed during the meeting.

“Coillte representatives gave assurances that management plans currently being assembled, and some already being implemented, will substantially improve the park environment for all visitors.”

Specifically, Cllr Conlon said, plans will be developed with the appropriate agency on how to get users more involved and active in the park that will benefit both physical and mental health.

“This will be achieved by way of significantly improved walks and signage including information panels, playground and a cycle trail for children, outdoor classroom, green way path and biodiversity awareness throughout the forest.”

The meeting was also informed of plans that will see the long overdue refurbishment of the toilet facilities. Additional areas that will be addressed include the introduction of a ‘catch and release’ policy introduced in cooperation with the Inland Fisheries and the repair of damaged stone walls near the main Park entrance.

Coillte indicated they are keen to collaborate with Monaghan Co Council and are currently negotiating the possibility of a leasing arrangement.

They also expressed an interest in working with any group that has a well-developed proposal to improve facilities at Rossmore Park as well as promoting its heritage value.

Colr Conlon concluded his update by thanking Council officials Dympna Condra and Michelle Murphy for forwarding submissions to Coillte on behalf of the Local Authority and the proactive citizens who similarly engaged in the process and also to Alo Grew and the Monaghan Phoenix Athletics Club who have assisted with the recent path upgrade works at the park.


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