24 September 2015 No Comments by The Northern Standard

By Veronica Corr

Lorna Lewis is a great author’s name, but this self-published writer from Carrickmacross, who has just released her third children’s book has got her heart set on a career in graphic design.

Roxanne and Maylin is the third literary offering from 18-year-old Lorna, who is a Fifth Year student in Inver College.

This impressive young woman is definitely on to a winner with her series of books aimed at 6—8 year-olds. The collection, with Roxanne the blackbird as the central character, has limitless potential.

The reason for this is that, in each of the colourful books, Roxanne embarks on a new action adventure with another creature she meets.

It is clear that Lorna has a keen interest in ornithology, as the first three books are predominantly about birds, specifically owls and blackbirds. She confessed that a bit of research into wildlife was involved.

Although the books belong to the same series, they do not have to be read in sequence. Lorna, who lives in Corcrin, Carrickmacross, not only wrote but illustrated all three books herself.

She paid tribute to local author Gordon Green, who wrote The Drip and Buzz Off, for his guidance in how to gear a book towards a certain age bracket e.g. how long it should be, illustrations etc.

The Northern Standard interviewed Lorna for the first time last year, when she published her second…


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