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AN EMYVALE MAN who reached from a passing car to push a young teenager off his bicycle last summer was given sentences amounting to 10 months’ in prison when he appeared at Monaghan District Court on Monday last.

Thomas McCarron, aged 22, of Killydreen, Emyvale pleaded guilty to a charge of assault causing harm in relation to the incident, in which 13-year-old Conor McKenna sustained cuts and bruises after being deliberately knocked from his bicycle while training to take part in an Ulster championship cycling competition.

In imposing a six-month prison term for the assault (McCarron received a consecutive four-month term for a separate offence involving driving with no insurance), Judge Denis McLoughlin noted that the teenager’s helmet had been damaged in the incident, and wondered what his injuries might have been were he not wearing this protective gear.

The young man’s father, Richard McKenna, told the court that his son was “knocked back immensely” by what had happened and had withdrawn completely from cycling and competitive cycling for a considerable period after the incident.

Garda Inspector Peter Gilsenan told the court that, at about 2.30pm on Monday 23rd June 2014, the 13-year-old boy had been cycling his bicycle on the main N2 at Knockronaghan, Emyvale, when a maroon-coloured 1997-registered Peugeot car travelled alongside him at a slow pace.

The male in the passenger seat of the car, who was later identified as the defendant, Thomas McCarron, reached out and pushed the boy off his bicycle, knocking him to the ground.

The young victim had received cuts and bruises as a result of this incident, and he was taken to Monaghan Hospital before being transferred onwards to the hospital in Cavan (a medical report detailing his injuries was made available to the court).

Mr McKenna, the father of Conor, then took the stand to give an account of how this incident had affected his son, who had been knocked back immensely. Conor had been involved in the Ulster cycling club (Cycling Ulster), but had to retire from that. He got back on his bike with the support of the Emyvale Cycling Club, but would only go on short spins. But he would not go out on his own, and the family had to seek medical help for him in that regard.


“Conor’s gashes and cuts have healed, but he still has a lot of questions about why somebody would do that,” Mr McKenna said.

They had also wondered why the driver of the car had not been prosecuted, he add….

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