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The 8th annual Blackwater 10k Run & Walk (and 4km fun run / walk option) is taking place this Sunday 17th May 2015 at 12noon starting from Monaghan United Football Grounds.

Monaghan Sports Partnership is delighted once again to be associated with this fantastic event.

The route had to be changed over the past few years in line with tree felling and other works determining the pathways that could be used but we are pleased that the Blackwater 10k goes back to its original route this year which means that most of the 10k run will take place within the forest park.

Online registration closes at 10pm on Thursday 14thMay, Pre-registration is taking place Saturday 16th May 10am-4pm in Monaghan Shopping Centre and you can also register the morning of the event from 9.30am -11.30am sharp, and all other information is on the event website


This Sunday’s Blackwater 10k enters the park directly through the main gates on the Threemilehouse road, entering the main avenue with 2 Giant Redwoods or Sequoias planted around the 1850s dominating on the left. Originating in California, redwoods are the worlds tallest trees and these are impressive. A third redwood located between the 3rd and 4k listed as a Heritage Tree by the Tree Council of Ireland, marked by a small obelisk from the 1862 planting.

Just short of the 2k, as identified on the 1908 map, is the hydraulic dam & ram, used at the turn of the century for generating electricity to pump water to the castle above. No longer in operation, it is listed by the heritage council as “a construction of note”. The dam & the small waterfall is at left before the sharp left turn over the wooden bridge.

Further 80 mtrs takes us to the back of the walled garden on our right with early 1800’s layout & design. Turning right over the 2nd wooden bridge and within another 200 mtrs is the pet cemetery at left after which we rise to the old castle site with the supporting wall, wine cellar and steps at right. The central hill here still bears the castle’s extensive foundation imprint. Flights of the original stairs ascend terraced lawns to give good distant views North.

Sweeping left then we pass the main lake right after the 3k & on left after the first bend, is one of 2 park Souttarains, believed to date back 5,000 years. Souttarains were used to store food, a stoneage fridge in effect!.

A small waterfall appears at right within another 300 metres under a restored mausoleum built in traditional Greek style with a viewing deck overlooking the waterfall. The avenue of yew trees at left leading to the walled garden, which was part of the 2014 course is bypassed just before the 4k.   More recent history features at the ruined Rossmore cottage just after the 4 k. Just after the 5 k we turn right taking us upwards & onwards to the paintball course & to what is known as Murrays Street with its ornamental garden and features. Taking a right through overhanging canopy of trees, there follows a steep decent before the 7k where we turn left past the 2nd souttarain, just out of view at right.

Now heading towards the home straight we turn right for the 2nd water station and right again at a newly planted Oak wood towards the 8 k. Rising sharp left towards barnhill lake, named after the cut stone barn elevated at right we enter the wheelchair friendly pathway alongside lakeside picnic area. Within 75mtrs we enter the main car park area , passing a large, weather-protected map of the entire park and trails where we veer left to circumnavigate the car park where after 150 mtrs we re-enter the main avenue, which we earlier exited about1 mile from the start. The 2007 hollywood Horror Film “Shrooms” was shot in this area. At 9k we are within 200 mtrs of exiting the park for the last kick home.

A special feature of the park is the Rhododendron and Azalea display, which is at its best in early summer.

Park wildlife includes otters, badgers, foxes, hedgehog and pigmy shrew plus five of Ireland’s seven species of bat. There is a large resident population of birds, and migrants such as wildfowl increase this collection in winter; warblers, swallows, cuckoo and flycatchers in summer.

The park also displays interesting varieties of plants, the lake and rivers encouraging a great variety of insect life.

Enjoy the 2015 Blackwater 10k.!!


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