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Every Thursday – from now to the end of the Summer – golfers can have a round and a grill for €20.00 at Rossmore Golf Club.

The offer is up and running since last Thursday (April 16th) and has been the talk of the county town and further afield.

Co-incidentally, McDonagh Shoes have been the talk of Monaghan town and its hinterland since it was established all of 26 years ago.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised then to hear about the decision of McDonagh Shoes to sponsor Rossmore’s 20 week series of Open Thursdays:

“Well, it’s a great club, heavily entrenched in the local area and a lot of Rossmore’s members have been good and loyal customers of McDonagh Shoes so I had no qualms about rowing in behind the idea of running an Open Thursday once club captain Donal Guckian approached me,” explained Gerry McDonagh, McDonagh Shoes’ proprietor.

“It’s a good idea too and represents good value for Rossmore members and non-members alike and it’s a credit to Donal and everyone else associated with Open Thursday.

“I play a bit of golf myself and intend to become a member of Rossmore. Open Thursday looks like it could be a great way of increasing membership and generating even more interest in Rossmore Golf Club.

“McDonagh Shoes has been very successful in Monaghan and this project (Open Thursday) gives us an opportunity to put something back into the community which has been so good to us.

“Hopefully, our sponsorship can be a mutually beneficial arrangement that will make the 20 weeks of Open Thursday a great success for both the club and McDonagh Shoes.”

Fixing a date with Open Thursday’s could not be easier as there is now a very simple online facility to do this for both members and visitors.

Just google Rossmore Golf Club and shout Fore as loud as you can once Open Thursday comes up!


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