5 March 2015 No Comments by The Northern Standard

“Co Monaghan, along with Co Waterford, is the most violent crime blackspot in the country, according to the rationale employed by the author of a front-page story in last weekend’s Irish Sunday Mirror.

Ailbhe Jordan’s exclusive lifting on the lid on what were described as “Ireland’s violent crime capitals” brands Waterford and Monaghan as the worst blackspots for rape and murder.

The story was based on analysis of cases that went before the Central Criminal Court since 2012, which showed that more people from the two counties had been charged with rape, murder and related crimes than any other part of Ireland.

“Our shocking data probe has also discovered that a higher proportion of people from Monaghan have stood trial for rape than anywhere else in Ireland over the past three years,” Ms Jordan, the newspaper’s Data Correspondent, wrote.

“Since 2012, 326 people have gone before the Central Criminal Court charged with rape or attempted rape, while 184 people have appeared in court charged with murder or attempted murder.

“The highest proportion of defendants has been from either Waterford and Monaghan at 17 per 100,000.”

The story also reported that Co Monaghan had the worst record when it came to rape, attempted rape and serious sexual assaults, with a rate of 15 per 100,000.

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