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God be with the days Ciaran Lavery had a handicap that the good burghers playing golf out at Rossmore G.C could take pot shots on a day borrowed from Siberia.

Young Lavery used to play off 0.0 not so long ago but these days he’s playing golf with the professionals. Accordingly, he hasn’t got a handicap ‘cause as the rules state, he had to forfeit his in going professional.

However, to keep in the mix with the best of his up-and-coming peers in these islands, he needs the body golf to get full square behind him and support him financially.

Ciarán is a homegrown professional; a golfing prophet in our own land. The thing is, he has major ambitions to light up foreign lands with his near-luminous swing.

Three Scratch Cup triumphs in his native Rossmore club over the past handful of years followed on from other star-spangled returns had him considering his options in recent times.

Five years ago, the now 23 year old Ardaghey native showcased his burgeoning talent when he got himself noticed competing in the West of Ireland Amateur Championship.

Rossmore’s finest, who lit up Scratch Cup competitions in Dundalk and Warrenpoint too, has now set his sights on making an impression abroad.

On Sunday next, the former Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) student will fly out to Marbella in Spain to compete in an Alps Tour qualifying tournament; a biggie for budding young professional golfers.

The first stage of the tournament consists of two rounds with the final stage comprising of three rounds.

Ciarán feels his form …


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