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Monaghan Co Council is to establish a new procurement unit to ensure that the best value for money for taxpayers and ratepayers was obtained when services were being tendered for and contracts awarded, Co Manager Eugene Cummins told the members of the authority when they met on Tuesday.

But the lack of discretion at the Council’s disposal when it came to the awarding of contracts for major projects in the county, and the rigorous nature of European legislation in this regard, was emphasised by Mr Cummins to the meeting.

Why contracts for significant local authority works, and the provision of services and supplies to local Councils, are not more frequently awarded to companies and providers within Co Monaghan itself is a question frequently asked by the public and raised by their local political representatives.

Mr Cummins on Tuesday definitively delineated the very strict legislation governing the area of local authority procurement, pointing out that the Council would be leaving itself open to legal action if it deviated from the procedures in this area to favour a local company if the tender price did not justify this decision.

The manner in which the Council tendered for works was raised by Sinn Féin representative Brian McKenna when the meeting was considering the Council’s Financial Statement for 2012, and an auditor’s report.

Colr McKenna said that, in the current climate where people were looking for work, he felt it was not right for the Co Council to use the same contractor for two-three years without putting the work or service concerned out to tender. “I don’t think this is acceptable in the current day and age,” he commented.

Fianna Fáil’s P J O’Hanlon referred to information in the documentation that showed an increased provision of over 265 in relation to …

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