10 January 2014 No Comments by The Northern Standard

A new action plan to preserve the viability of the furniture manufacturing sector in Co Monaghan was detailed to the members of Monaghan Co Council on Monday.

Initiatives to identify new product areas and to examine alternative uses for vacant factory space are key components of the strategy, which aims to plot a productive future course for a sector that was once a major source of employment in the county but has been severely hit in recent years by the loss of export markets.

Border Regional Authority Regional Planner Padraig Maguire, who is Manager of the URBACT Programme Wood Print Project, told the meeting that the plan aimed to deal with those still active within the industry, and those who had left the industry.

Referring to the large number of vacant buildings in the county that were once used for furniture production, Mr Maguire said there was a tendency to think of them as burdens on the landscape, but they were actually assets, and their future usage was one of the main points of focus of the study currently …

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