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A case in which a family reportedly had to endure a three-hour wait for the arrival of an ambulance to deal with a medical crisis was cited by Independent councillor Seamus Treanor during a powerful call at Monday night’s meeting of Monaghan Town Council for major improvements in the emergency medical service available to the people of the local area.

Fianna Fáil councillor Robbie Gallagher stated that if such improvements weren’t made, “living in Monaghan is going to have to carry a health risk going forward.”

Members gave unanimous backing to a motion from Colr Treanor requesting the Council to write to the HSE’s Dublin North East Regional Health Forum regarding ambulance services in the North Monaghan area “as it appears that there are very serious delays in the availability of ambulances”.

Colr Treanor in moving the motion said that in 2007 the people of the North Monaghan area were promised that no service would be removed from Monaghan General Hospital until a better service was put in place. However, in 2009 “cynical and gutless politicians” were elected who stood shoulder to shoulder with then Health Minister Mary Harney and the hospital was taken off-call.

Colr Treanor said that subsequently they were promised that emergency ambulances would be available that would have patients in Cavan with the “golden hour” deemed necessary for response to certain medical crises, but this had not proved the case.

He was aware of a recent local instance where a GP called for an ambulance at 12.45, and it did not arrive until 3.40. During that period the family concerned rang a call centre on several occasions, where they were treated with total indifference and bad language. The family were told in one instance that the ambulance had spent two hours looking for an address in Dundalk.

Colr Treanor said there was another recent case where a young man from …

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