25 October 2013 No Comments by The Northern Standard

A call was made this week for an “absentee” councillor in Clones to resign her seat.

Raising the issue of Fianna Fáil councillor Anna Rooney’s non-attendance at meetings in recent months on Tuesday evening at a meeting of Clones Town Council Independent councillor Peter McAleer stated, “In relation to our absentee councillor it is wrong and we should be asking this lady to resign her seat.”

Councillor McAleer also said that Councillor Rooney lived in Limerick and therefore he did not see how she was able to represent the people of Clones.

“The amount of money we get, although it isn’t much, is taxpayers money and I don’t see how somebody can live away and still claim this money. We as a council need to ask her to resign her seat.” 

Under the Local Government Act councillors must not be absent from council meetings for more than six months.

Councillor Ross Mealiff proposed that Clones Town Council would write to Councillor Rooney and ask her what her position going forward was. He felt that she should do this out of respect for the people of Clones and this was agreed by all.

“In fairness to us and the people of the town it is time to act,” commented Councillor Yvonne Newell.

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