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The Monaghan 10 Miler, 5 Miler and Fun Walk were a huge success. The events attracted hundreds of local entries and many other runners travelled a long distance to take part. Well done to all the Monaghan Town Runners who put a lot of extra effort into getting race fit for the big day. All that stamina was put to good use later as the MTR’s partied on through the night!

A report and acknowledgements will appear in the Standard next week.


The original beginners have clocked up thousands of miles since the club was formed exactly a year ago. In March, the club decided to embark on an ambitious training programme for novices. The “absolute beginners” were about to pound the roads of Monaghan.

When the ‘absolute beginners group’ gathered for the first time in March, the training team confidently predicted we would be running the Blackwater 10k in a few short weeks. Full of enthusiasm for the challenge ahead, they set to work.

Some of us had not run for a very long time and it showed. Some of us looked like we had over-indulged on booze, funny fags and anything else we could get our hands on – and we had. Some of us looked like we were the wrong side of 50 – and we were. Some of us looked like we’d always go large in Mc D’s – and we did (If you answered yes to any of the above give yourself a bonus point for what you have achieved since joining MTR. If you answered Yes to all of the above consider donating your body to medical science!).

So it was no surprise that some of us struggled to jog our 100 metres on the first day.

This same group has now progressed to 5 milers a 10 Miler and some are aiming for Marathons. None of us will be bothering Usain Bolt any time soon but the sense of personal achievement is worth its weight in gold.

The MTR trainers do a remarkable job in the training sessions and when you hit the road you are not alone.

We all encourage each other when the going gets tough. We all learn from each other and continue to improve. So what makes MTR special? Despite our personal achievements, we don’t take it all too seriously. It is the taking part and having fun that counts.

We are not the absolute beginners any more but we are always happy to see new beginners making the same progress we did – even as they pass us by!

The club’s 10 miler was a massive success. It was also the high point of months of hard training for many. No doubt some reflected on the journey travelled together to reach this milestone.

As we celebrated and laughed with new found friends in the Squealing Pig on Sunday night we shared memories of the snow and ice in those early days in March and the burning heat in July and many of the set-backs and funny things that happened along the way. But maybe most of all, we remembered kind words of encouragement from people we didn’t know in those early days. They helped to guide us to where we are now.

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