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The legacy of partition and the consequent “partitionist mindset” created had contributed to widescale neglect of the Border region, Sinn Féin councillor Matt Carthy told the June meeting of Monaghan Co Council when moving a motion seeking a comprehensive framework of strategies to reverse economic and social decline in this part of the country.

Major infrastructural investment, a new jobs strategy and the harmonisation of key tax rates and currency were components of the blueprint the South Monaghan representative put forward for debate.
The text of his motion read: “That Monaghan County Council notes the publication of the Regional Quality of Life report from the Central Statistics Office last month.

“We further note that this report highlights in stark terms the neglect of the Border Region which includes Monaghan. The report shows that this region has the highest rates of unemployment, empty homes, medical card holders, voter apathy and emigration and lower levels of investment than anywhere else in this state. This is further evidence of the negative impact of partition, and the neglect of successive governments, on this region.
“That Monaghan County Council hereby calls for:
• A specific targeted job creation strategy for the Border Region.
• The full development of all-Ireland economic policies including the planning for the harmonisation of tax rates, currency and financial services.
• Investment in vital infrastructural projects within the Border Region and on a cross-Border basis.

“That, if passed, we forward a copy of this motion to An Taoiseach and to the Ministers for Finance and Enterprise, Trade & Employment. That we also forward to each County Council in the Border region.”

Colr Carthy told the meeting that the regional report the motion referred to highlighted in very stark terms ….

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