15 March 2013 No Comments by The Northern Standard


RAIN, hail or snow, Saint Patrick will be putting the progressive rural community at Oram, near Castleblayney, on the world map once again this Sunday!.

Residents of the area—both young and old–are also geared for huge St. Patrick’s Day celebrations—even though they plan to stage the shortest festive parade on the planet, and hope they might get into the Guinness Book of World Records!

Local showband legend, Big Tom McBride, who is always the central figure of life in the close-knit community, will be leading off the parade, and the outgoing Mayor of Oram, Martin Fox, will be supervising a huge programme of musical activity, including an evening’s dancing in the local centre, where local musical maestro Paddy King will also, initially, be setting the scene for the light fantastic!.

A major GAA Gaelic football clash is also scheduled for the afternoon to add to the traditional sporting spirit of the major fun-day, which will see the shamrock ‘drowned’ in true Irish fashion into the late night.

And most important—no one will go hungry in the afternoon, thanks to the warm-hearted zeal of the good natured Oram ladies, who are serving up bangers and mash free, as only they can do!
All firms and groups interested in taking part in the event are urged to contact key organiser Pierce Fox, Oram, immediately, at Tel: 086 3498 762. Huge crowds from both sides of the Border are expected.

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