7 December 2012 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Disappointment was voiced by the members of Monaghan Co Council on Monday when they learned that Waterways Ireland had failed to meet the six-month deadline for the furnishing of additional information to Clones Town Council in respect of the planning application submitted to the town authority for the Ulster Canal regeneration project.
Members were told that while Waterways Ireland had met the additional information requirement in respect of the planning application to Monaghan Co Council, the lapse of the six-month period in respect of the Clones Town portion of the project meant that the application process in this regard would now have to be renewed.
Pat Treanor voiced strong concern that the planning process would now have to start again for that section of the Ulster Canal project which came within the Clones Town Council area, expressing the view that the officials of the Co Council should have alerted members to the fact that the deadline for the submission of additional information to the Town Council was approaching.
Director of Planning Services Paul Clifford said that Waterways Ireland had not responded to a request for additional information from the Clones Town Council. As the applicant had failed to submit the information, the application would have to be renewed.
Owen Bannigan said it was “an absolute disgrace” that Waterways Ireland had not met the strict criteria of six months for the submission of additional information. He was of the view that there was no issue with Monaghan Co Council in this regard – the planners could only process the application according to the rules.
He was sure Waterways Ireland had consultants handling this, and it was unforgivable that they should miss the deadline.
He proposed that Waterways Ireland be invited to the next meeting of the Council to tell them why they didn’t submit the information in time. “Waterways Ireland needs to be asked why they missed the deadline for Clones Town Council,” Colr Bannigan stated.
Seconding this proposal, Pat Treanor again conveyed his disappointment that the members of the Co Council weren’t told about this earlier.
Seamus Coyle said this was devastating news, as they had thought they would soon be moving to the next stage …

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