19 October 2012 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Monaghan Town, Castleblayney, Clones, Carrickmacross and Ballybay Town Councils will be abolished in 2014.
Radical local government reforms announced by Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan on Tuesday mean that the five town authorities will cease operation at the time of the next local government elections.
Their responsibilities will effectively pass to Monaghan Co Council, with new integrated areas known as Municipal Districts to be established, with members elected at local level also representing their district at county level.
“Under a totally new model of governance within counties, all 80 existing town authorities will be replaced by a comprehensive system of municipal governance integrating town and county governance,” Minister Hogan said at Dublin Castle on Tuesday when he briefed Co and Town Mayors and senior local government staff on his “Putting People First” overhaul of local government.
Seeking to assure the public that their level of service will not be diminished by the reforms – which he declared to be the most comprehensive in a century – the Minister announced that a new website – – will be set up in every local authority area.
This will enable members of the public to log on and report any matters of road, lighting, environmental or other concern which it falls to the local authority to address.
A response is promised within two working days.
Each Co Council will also be required to appoint a Customer Services Officer, “to improve the relationship between the authority and the community they serve.”
Abolishing the country’s 80 Town Councils will have significant implications for local authority staffing levels, and it is expected that a major voluntary redundancy programme will be put in place although …

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