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Formbook suggests there’ll be little to choose between Emyvale and Drumhowan on Sunday. by JOHN GRAHAM.
vital ingredient for success in any team sport is to build up a level of consistency throughout a competition and in that regard the protagonists in Sunday’s final of the Universal Graphics junior football championship are there on merit as they have been two of the most consistent teams in junior ranks of this year.
However if in measuring their respective levels of consistency and using that to confer the tag of favourites on one of the , it could be applied to Emyvale as they have been the most consistent over the year reaching the semi finals of the junior football championship with straight victories but equally important dropping just seven points in their entire league programme of 16 matches. They played Drumhowan twice in the league and dropped just a point to the Geraldines with a win the opening round back in April and then a draw, 1-11 each back in July. Drumhowan, too, can mount a very strong argument as well but they have dropped 13 points in their league campaign of 16 matches but in championship terms they are on a par with Emyvale in that they too came through to the latter stages with straight victories as well.
Both of Sunday’s protagonists have enjoyed success in the junior championship in recent years, Emyvale winning the title back in 2009 and Drumhowan winning out the previous year. Those victories then catapulted both clubs onto the bigger provincial stage and both acquitted themselves extremely well winning the Ulster club junior football championship title in their respective years before losing out at the All Ireland stage.
Prior to 2009 Emyvale won the junior championship in 1985, 1959 and 1945 while Drumhowan were successful in 2006, 1981 and 1960 giving a degree of equanimity in that regard as well with four previous titles each. Emyvale also reached the semi-final of the junior football championship last year, 2011, but lost out to Clones. This year, under new team manager Declan Brennan, they are a reinvigorated side and playing a Donegal style of football they have brought a level of intensity to their game that few of the junior teams have been able to match. This year, too, has seen the return of John Flannery and the emergence of Michael Flannery as an influential player and they also have emerging young stars in Ryan McAnespie and Colin Hughes, both of whom will play a role on Sunday.
For their part Drumhowan were competing in intermediate ranks last year but went out of the intermediate championship in the early …

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