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Monaghan Co Council have signalled their intention to phase out the operation of their Scotch Corner landfill facility.
The landfill’s future has been a topic of concern among members of the authority for some time, and was the subject of a detailed presentation and debate at Monday’s adjourned meeting of the Council, which the members voted to hold “in committee”, thereby precluding its reporting by the Press.
However, subsequent to the meeting, the Co Council issued a statement to local media outlets in which a broad outline of the presentations made to the members and the options put to them for the future of the landfill are presented (see below).
The options all indicate that the landfill portion of the Scotch Corner operation close to Annyalla will eventually cease operation, although the exact date for closure has not yet been determined and will be contingent on a number of factors.
Changing trends in the nature of waste disposal nationally and increased costs and regulatory requirements are all factors which have contributed to the landfill facility changing over recent years from a revenue generating stream to a burden on the Co Council’s finances.
° The decisions and policies announced by the Co Council in relation to the landfill have absolutely no implications for or impact upon the commercial operations of McElvaney waste and recycling, it has been confirmed.
Senior management at the company contacted The Northern Standard yesterday stating that they wished to assure their customers that there will be no impact on the services provided to them, and that these will continue unaffected.
The following is the full text of the statement issued by Monaghan Co Council in reference to Monday’s meeting:
The future of Monaghan County’s Council’s landfill facility was discussed at last Monday’s adjourned monthly meeting of Monaghan Co Council. The debate on the landfill was chaired by Deputy County Mayor Cllr Noel Keelan in the absence of County Mayor Cllr Hugh McElvaney who declared a conflict of interests and absented himself from the debate on the Scotch Corner Facility. Due to the commercially sensitive nature of the landfill’s business plan, the debate on the facility was held in committee.
At the outset, Acting County Manager David Fallon outlined how evolving national policies, increased recycling rates, increases in the landfill levy, more stringent EPA requirements, the opening of the Indaver thermal treatment plant, and the economic situation are all having an impact on the ability of the Council to attract sustainable volumes of waste into Scotch Corner.
He outlined that recent years have seen a significant reduction in the number of licensed landfill facilities in the country and as of 2012 there are now less than 20 such landfills in operation nationally. Monaghan County Council has been operating the landfill at Scotch Corner since 1991 but the last few years have seen a considerable reduction in the volume of waste being landfilled at the facility.
Mr. Kieran Duffy, Executive Engineer, gave a powerpoint presentation to the members and explained that the requirement to move away from landfilling to more sustainable methods of waste management is in line with national policy and EU policy as further outlined by the recent Government policy document entitled “A Resource Opportunity” issued in July 2012 by Phil Hogan, T.D., Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government, once again re-enforcing the requirement to move away from landfilling.
He explained that the first regional waste management plan was introduced in 2001 and the targets outlined in this original plan relating to the management of waste were that within a 15 year period, 43% of waste generated in the region was to be recycled, 39% was to be treated in an energy recovery plant, and 18% was to be recycled. He further expanded that the North East region which comprises of the Counties of Monaghan, Meath, Louth and Cavan is effectively the only region in the country to essentially have achieved these …

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