5 April 2012 One Comment by The Northern Standard

Traffic dangers posed by the backlog and parking of vehicles on the roadways leading to Rossmore Park in Monaghan Town – arising from a new barrier and toll system introduced there by Coillte – were highlighted at Monday’s meeting of Monaghan Co Council by Fine Gael representative David Maxwell.
Colr Maxwell was moving a notice of urgent business put forward by FG asking the Co Council to call on Coillte to re-examine its policy for access to Rossmore Forest Park in Monaghan.
Colr Maxwell said that Coillte had introduced a €5 entrance free and a €35 yearly fee at Rossmore, and two weeks ago an electronic pay barrier had been erected at the gates of the park. This was leading to a backlog of cars parking on the Threemilehouse and Rockcorry roads – he had noticed at least 20 cars parked there at one stage recently, and believed it was only a matter of time before there was a serious accident.
The North Monaghan representative thought the Co Council needed to liaise with Coillte about the safety aspect of the barrier they had introduced. He hoped that some form of parking could be allowed inside the gate.
Seconding the motion, Independent councillor Paudge Connolly agreed that a major safety issue was being created on the Threemilehouse road. People going to the park were going there to walk, not to use any facilities, and he thought the introduction of the fee by Coillte was a retrograde step.
Colr Connolly thought there was no reason why the barrier could not be located 500-600 yards inside the park. They should also ask Coillte to reduce the charge of €5 to go for a two-hour walk.
Robbie Gallagher said the road safety aspect of this situation had been highlighted …

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  • John Murphy said:

    David Maxwell should be more concerned about the fact that 800 of our Gardai have just retired and wont be replaced, about the 100,000 young Irish people forced from this Island, about the 450,000 unemployed,about meetings between his party leadership and corrupt politicans such as Michael Lowry or do we only talk about corruption when it relates to Fianna Fail……about our county hospital that is being turned into a car park…..if David is worried about the 5 Euro charge into Rossmore Park…..he should park at Mullaghmatt and jump over the hedge…..just be careful as sometimes the ditch can have a good deal of water in it…..shout if you need a hand…