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Cadbury’s Ulster Under-21 Football Championship

Derry cruised into a semi finals of the Cadbury’s Ulster Under-21 Football Championship with an emphatic fifteen point win over a hapless Monaghan side that failed to spark from the start of a totally one sided encounter at Celtic Park last Wednesday.
Indeed this game was effectively over after ten minutes, by which stage the Oak Leafers were 1-4 to no score ahead, in total control in all sectors of the game, with Connlan Bradley and Denver Johnston on top at midfield against Pete Dooney and Stephen Sherry.
A measure of the chasm between the sides, particularly in the attacking zone, can be accurately gauged from the respective returns from the forward lines.
The Monaghan attack scored just one point from play, and that came six minutes into the second half from Daniel McKenna but even then there was a slight suspicion that the ball had actually gone just the wrong side of the post!
In stark contrast Derry availed of most of their chances. When Monaghan keeper Rory Beggan misjudged the flight of the ball in the 11th minute Derry corner back Fergal Duffin was on hand to knock the ball to the net in the early minutes to put Derry 1-3 to no score.
Derry scored 3-8 from open play, the other points coming from three frees and a wonderful Emmett McGuckin point from a ‘45’ after a mere three minutes.
Forwards usually get the headlines for their scoring feats, defenders rarely making such waves unless their display are particularly eye-catching.
On this occasion, despite some excellent displays from players likeEmett McGuckian and …

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