22 March 2012 One Comment by The Northern Standard

Fine Gael’s Mary Carroll took exception at Tuesday night’s meeting of Monaghan Town Council to comments made by Independent councillor Seamus Treanor about foreign nationals during a discussion on serious public order incidents which the meeting was told were occurring in the Canal Walk and Mall Road areas of the town.
Colr Carroll said that she was “sick listening” to such comments being made by Colr Treanor in the Council Chamber and saw them as racism, adding that just as many Irish people as well as those of foreign national origin were responsible for public order and other occurrences of crime.
Public drinking and related misbehaviour in the Canal View/Mall Road location was the subject of a detailed debate during which calls were made for the Gardai to step up their patrols in the area and crack down on anti-social behaviour there.
Discussion arose when Sinn Féin councillor Donal Sherry stated that he had been asked to meet residents of the Mall Road area recently. A lot of people were very fearful about what was happening in the Canal Walk area, and even people cutting their lawns in the evening were being intimidated by those engaging in public drinking in the area.
Acknowledging that the matter could be brought up at a meeting of the Monaghan Town Joint Policing Committee, Colr Sherry said he was asked about the possibility of the area in question being closed off. Elderly residents of the area were in fear, and there was anti-social behaviour going on in the vicinity of the former Montex factory. He asked if anything could be done about the matter.
Seamus Treanor said he had brought this matter up eighteen months ago, and Mary Carroll indicated that she had also raised the issue previously.
Colr Treanor said there was a “new elephant in the room” in this country that people weren’t supposed to open their mouths about at all, and went on to refer to members of the foreign national community who were engaging in public drinking, alleging that some were stealing drink from shops.
The Independent councillor said ….

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  • Riona said:

    Well done Cllr Carroll – it’s way past time to confront this habitual racism.