24 February 2012 No Comments by The Northern Standard

By Michael McDonnell

Monaghan Hospital Alliance chairperson Peadar McMahon yesterday told the Northern Standard that the proposed Medical Assessment Unit at the hospital in Monaghan was something that was “never going to happen”, regardless of the fact that a review group was established last October to carry out a feasibility study on the proposal.
Mr McMahon pointed out that no mention at all has been made of a Medical Assesment Unit (MAU) for Monaghan in the HSE’s ‘Dublin North East Regional Service Plan 2012’, which was officially launched last week.
Given that the provision of such a facility at Monaghan would mark a very significant service for the hospital it was very difficult to see how it would not have been mentioned in the Service Plan if there was a realistic chance it was going to go ahead.
He also noted that the Service Plan 2012 had been completed in December and officially approved by the Minister for Health in January. Effectively, this meant that whatever was to be in the MAU feasibility study was “already decided”, Mr McMahon argued.
The feasibility study is itself believed to have been completed about two weeks ago, although it has yet to be published. It is also understood to have decided not to recommend an MAU for Monaghan Hospital.
HSE management had …

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