20 January 2012 No Comments by The Northern Standard

By Michael McDonnell

The old adage about words coming back to haunt the speaker was, from a Fine Gael perspective anyway, painfully highlighted this week in a YouTube video that shows the current Minister for Health Dr James Reilly promising the crowd at a Monaghan Hospital rally in 2008 that the day he would let local hospital services be taken away when there was nothing to replace them was “the day I’ll walk away; I’ll retire”.
The video of Dr Reilly promising the huge gathering in Monaghan’s Church Square in May 2008 that he and his party colleagues would fight to keep services in Monahan Hospital was posted on the internet video site last Monday by the Monaghan Hospital Alliance campaign group.
Curiously enough, the rally was held on the same day that newly elected Taoiseach Brian Cowen was getting a hero’s welcome in his native Clara, Co Offaly, an event that drew acres column space in the national papers. It’s almost needless to add that the national media all but ignored the Monaghan protest.
But the Monaghan Alliance is seeking to bring the event back under the spotlight, in a bid to focus attention on what the current Health Minister was saying then, as opposed to what he appears to be doing now.
Under the heading “Are Promises Made To Be Broken?”, the Alliance has also posted comments on the video clip, which features part of a speech delivered by the Dr Reilly at the protest March on May 6th 2008 (if you go to and search for “Monaghan Alliance”, the recording will appear on top of the menu).
The article has also been published on the website.
The Alliance warns: “There is certainly a message there for all would be politicians — don’t promise something unless you are 110% sure that you can deliver.”
The flashback to the Dr Reilly’s speech while he was on the opposition side of the Dáil …

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