20 January 2012 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Sinn Féin councillor Sean Conlon expressed strong views at Monday night’s meeting of Monaghan Town Council over the way in which finishing work had been carried out to the historic sundial monument structure shortly to be unveiled in a new location in Old Cross Square.
Colr Conlon had concerns that the integrity of the structure, which he described as the oldest piece of built heritage that the town possessed, would be compromised by the appearance of its new setting, which he believed should have been constructed of older salvaged material rather than new limestone.
But Town Manager David Fallon differed in his assessment of the work, expressing the view that natural weathering would give conformity to the appearance of the monument in time and that the public would be pleased with the way in which the feature was presented when it was fully unveiled.
Members agreed to a proposal from Colr Conlon, seconded by Paul McGeown, to contact the Heritage section of the Dept of the Environment to elicit their views on the matter.
Raising the issue at Monday’s meeting, Colr Conlon expressed thanks to Co Heritage Officer Shirley Clerkin for agreeing to a meeting earlier in the day with himself and fellow Sinn Féin councillor Donal Sherry, a meeting which had also been attended by Acting Town Engineer Jonathan Condell. They had a good discussion on the matter.
Colr Conlon circulated among the members a postcard reproduction of a famous Monaghan painting depicting Market Day in the town in 1830, in which the monument was visible in the background. He said the monument was the oldest piece of built architecture in the town, dating back to the 1600s, and had occupied a place …

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