16 December 2011 No Comments by The Northern Standard

County Convention is the annual formal assembly of the GAA in Monaghan when the officers and club delegates gather in plenary session to decide on matters of governance and policy making for the coming year and to review the year just finished. Over the years the business of convention has changed dramatically from where it sometimes took two day-long sessions to complete it is now wrapped up in a matter of hours.
That is the result of the fine tuning of the rules where the bulk of business is handled by the county committee on a month by month basis but there are still important things that make convention a very special occasion. Convention is the only forum for proposing changes to rules in the Official Guide or changes to county bye laws and most importantly it is the forum where people are elected to positions on the Management Committee. Convention now may lack the drama of similar gatherings in the past when debate at times became heated as delegates spoke with passion about matters close to their or their club’s heart. Last Thursday evening’s County Convention may have generated little by way of passion or debate but it was still a very smooth process that got through the business in hand very efficiently. One possible theme that could be attributed to last Thursday evenings County Convention was that “the old order changeth” as there were changes in personnel at Management Committee level that saw people with lengthy records of service stepping down from their positions and there was also a first with the entire proceedings recorded on DVD for the first time.
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