11 November 2011 No Comments by The Northern Standard

The promotion of Monaghan United to the Premier Division of the Airtricity League of Ireland offers a much bigger promotional opportunity to County Monaghan at this time than ever previously.
In the way the Premier Division is now structured and covered in the Media, the focus on the League, the Clubs and Commercial backing of Clubs receives a much higher profile. In the Premier Division, Monaghan will feature on television highlights and/or live games every week through the Season, will be featured in press photography and sports coverage in all national media outlets, local media and on Twitter and Facebook.
With all this media coverage, there is extensive opportunity to project all that is good about Monaghan, to show that despite the huge disappointments for the County in losing so much of its indigenous industry, its County Hospital, its Army Barracks and much, much more, the Monaghan people are alive and working to progress their County. The new VEC Development, the New Theatre, the success of so many locally developed and thriving industries, the magnificent transformation of the Towns of the County, the very strong social events and festivals, the sleeping giant that is the tourism potential of County Monaghan with its extensive range of top quality outdoor attractions, water-sport, fishing, golf, rallying etc., fine Hotels, Night Clubs and Hostelries, yes Monaghan is alive and bursting with potential.
Monaghan United, in having Roddy Collins as Team Manager, a high profile media operator, with extensive media contacts and who loses no opportunity to promote his Club and adopted County, there is no denying the potential for spreading the message of County Monaghan. How many of our readers happened to be listening to RTE Radio 1 Sports programme last Saturday afternoon when Roddy was featured Guest for two hours and heard him speak of achieving promotion with Monaghan, his great pride in that achievement, his highly complimentary remarks about the running of Monaghan United and most particularly the great place County Monaghan is and his encouraging of all to visit it, will not have concluded that Roddy Collins is a Football Manager with the potential to add significantly to the promotion of County Monaghan.
Outside of the greater Dublin area, Premier Division Teams are only located in five Counties, Cork, Derry, Louth, Sligo and Monaghan. The achievement, therefore, of Monaghan United in winning promotion to the Premier Division is in that perspective. Monaghan is the smallest population base of any Premier Division Team and so Monaghan United’s achievements in how it competes in the League and how the people of the County get behind the Club, will be judged in that context.
Monaghan United’s Stadium at Gortakeegan is recognised by supporters throughout the Country as homely and friendly. Monaghan is a place they all like to visit. Monaghan is only about an hour and a half’s drive from all but one of the Clubs (Cork) and many, many away supporters will travel. In the football game, the hospitality of the Monaghan public is very well known and the famous “Mon Dog” is legendary. Monaghan County has very good value in Hotels, Guest-houses and hospitality. Having a Premier Division Team in County Monaghan will being lots added business into the area from travelling away support. The seven teams from the Greater Dublin area as well as Sligo and Derry are sure to have many supporters who will avail of the opportunity of the away game in Monaghan to make a week-end away of the trip.
It is, therefore, vital that County Monaghan and those throughout the Country and beyond with Monaghan roots, get fully behind the Club to ensure that no stone is left unturned so that the Club will be competitive and successful in the Premier Division. The rewards for a successful Monaghan United, playing Premier Division football ripple out to the whole County in higher profile, commercial advancement and a real feel good factor.

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