28 October 2011 No Comments by The Northern Standard

By Michael McDonnell

A SENIOR member of the gardai apologised after Judge Sean MacBride threatened not to hear cases in Monaghan District Court on Monday last.
The judge had complained to Garda Inspector Pat McMorrow that a garda had not been specifically detailed to prevent noise and disruption at the back of the court.
A disturbance in court shortly after the hearings commenced prompted Judge MacBride to adjourn the sitting for 10 minutes, after he made it clear to Insp McMorrow that he was expecting an apology for there having been no garda stationed to keep order at the rear of the court.
After the short interval, Insp McMorrow said it was accepted that a garda was not at the back of the court and he apologised for this.
Prior to his demand for an apology, Judge MacBride had already signalled to the packed courtroom on two occasions that he was not going to tolerate any noise, laughing or misbehaviour.
The judge also stated that he had been delayed in getting to the court earlier that morning, because he had listened with members of his family to an apology to him that was broadcast on RTE radio.
There had been no garda to meet him when he arrived late at the courthouse, he said, and he sought an apology for this also.
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