28 October 2011 No Comments by The Northern Standard

EUROTECH Renewables Limited, a leading renewable heating solutions company based at Rossullus Walk, Doohamlet, Castleblayney, has been awarded the inaugural Brecan Mooney domestic geothermal Heating Installation of the Year Award 2011, for the innovative geothermal heating system which they installed in a house in neighbouring Co. Louth.
The prestigious award was presented at a prizegiving ceremony in Limerick on October 15th last and the company celebrated its success with a Gala Dinner in the Glencarn Hotel, Blayney last week, at which the highly acclaimed award was on display and the company’s Managing Director, Mr. Gerard Duffy congratulated the entire Eurotech team on their achievement.
Mr. Duffy said the award was won on the basis of the premier standard of work delivered by the company to the end user and they were absolutely delighted that the Louth couple, Sean and Mary Mc Donald, were equally rewarded for installing the system in their house to achieve low carbon emissions as well as low running costs
He said the Mc Donald’s placed their trust in Eurotech and allowed the company design and install an award winning geothermal solution in their home despite having no previous knowledge of the company.
He said the couple was introduced to Eurotech by a good friend to which Mary and Sean were both now very thankful.
Gothermal energy is a renewable form of energy that uses heat stored in the ground to heat or cool buildings.
The system installed in Sean and Mary McDonald’s home in Louth by Eurotech Renewables Limited uses an open loop system comprising 2 wells. The first well takes water from the ground which then passes through a heat exchanger connected to 2 ‘Ochsner’ heat pumps. Thermal energy is extracted from the groundwater for the purposes of heating the house. A third heat pump extracts heat from the bathroom exhaust air to heat the domestic hot water. The cooled water is then recharged back into the ground through the second well.

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