7 October 2011 No Comments by The Northern Standard

On Monday morning last when Hollands opened their Merchant’s Yard at Main Street, Emyvale, they discovered a large cygnet (young swan) standing there. It seemed to be unwell and hissed a warning when anyone tried to go near.
 Various types of food were offered but it refused to eat. The authorities were notified but it was difficult to ascertain who exactly would take responsibility for the rescue of the Cygnet. However, when contacted, Peadar Morgan sprang into action.
 While awaiting his arrival at the scene the cygnet began to perk up and was soon stepping about the yard and flexing its wings. However, even though it allowed humans to get close, it kept everyone at bay by sounding a distinctive warning. Customers to the yard collected their purchases with the assistance of an employee, who seemed to be ignored by the cygnet but as the yard is surrounded by high walls and buildings it did not have sufficient runway in order to take off.
 When Peadar arrived, he immediately set about capturing the cygnet and with the assistance of local man, Seamus McMeel, it was soon in the back of his jeep and ready for transport out of its predicament. Peadar then decided to release the bird at Peter’s Lake in Monaghan, though it was likely from either Emy Lake or the Back Lough. He explained that the cygnets must find a new home in their first autumn and if they don’t leave the home, or return to it, the parents will batter it and sometimes the beating will be so severe that the cygnet will die. When it was released, the cygnet in this case headed off round the lake exploring its new abode. However just before it headed off it turned back towards the bank and nodded its head towards Peadar, as if to say – ‘thank you, this is a grand spot’.

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