9 September 2011 No Comments by The Northern Standard

By Michael McDonnell

The Monaghan Hospital Alliance has warned that Monaghan General Hospital is on its way to a “complete closure” and that this would have a major adverse impact on the county if it were allowed to happen.
In the latest posting on its Save Our hospital website, the Alliance warns that sporting fixtures, festivals, social events, schools, business and industry, inward investment, and “anything that attracts people to the county” would be under threat if any more services were lost at the hospital.
It also points to the promises that had been made to the people of Monaghan prior to the loss of acute services at the hospital in the summer of 2009, which had included assurances that better and safer services would “replace the excellent services we had in Monaghan”.
But the Alliance points out that the hospital had not been enhanced or expanded as promised, nor had it become the “huge diagnostic centre” that was envisaged. Instead, the number of clinics was reduced, and there was now a “very real threat” to the Minor Injuries Unit.
It was true that emergencies were indeed being taken to Cavan or Drogheda, but the advanced paramedic service was not the “first responder”, and in many cases was not responding at all.
On top of that, the obvious dangers arising from the delay in getting the patient to a “better services” hospital was being added to by the “greatest risk of all”, which was having to lie on trolleys on arriving at such a hospital. Cavan had 29 people waiting on trolleys this Tuesday, while the figure in Drogheda was 33, the Alliance notes (Cavan had gone down to 20, but Drogheda was up to 49 yesterday).
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