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THE Town Mayor of Castleblayney, Cllr. James Cunningham, has announced the adoption of a novel new “ Fiver Friday” initiative, advocated by Joe Duffy on his RTE radio programme, which should prove a huge local trade boost, by attracting hundreds of extra shoppers to Blayney!.
 He believes the scheme—-which it is claimed has recently proved successful in some other recession-hit towns across the country—- will attract many extra shoppers from all over the Mid-Monaghan region and from outside areas, including the North, every Friday, to Blayney to avail of a range of ‘one-day-only’ slashed-price “Friday Fiver” bargain- lines, in the different town stores!.
 Mayor Cunningham announced yesterday he is delighted the local business sector has responded very favourably to the “Fiver Friday plan, which will see the shops displaying a huge range of goods, domestic and otherwise, all priced at just FIVE euro!
 “Even the pubs are interested in the scheme and some are actually proposing to reduce drink prices on a Friday, by giving two ”shots” to patrons for five euros,” he said.
 Cllr. Cunningham said the scheme is being put forward as a serious move to help boost flagging business in Castleblayney.
 The Sinn Fein councilor continued : “I felt it was time to take some kind of positive initiative to help the business sector which is going through a very difficult period at present with the recession, and the added burden of running costs, taxation, rates, and wages, coupled with the overall trade downturn”.
  The aim is to get people to come into the town from other areas and avail of the attractive “Fiver Friday” bargains.
 He said each of the stores participating in the scheme will be undertaking their own promotions on the shelves to entice as many customers as possible with the “Fiver Friday” lines all clearly displayed in the shops.
 The scheme is being made further attractive by the fact that a number of stores, dealing in the higher-cost items, will also be participating in the “Fiver Friday” scenario by “knocking off” €5 from the total price that a customer would normally be paying!.
 Mayor Cunningham said yesterday that while details of the scheme are still being worked out by some businesses, to ensure it can be made as attractive as possible, and bring in extra shoppers from both sides of the border, it is envisaged it will be launched in Castleblayney on Friday 23rd September next.
 “We anticipate that as soon as the shopping public realize that Blayney has such an attractive scheme on a Friday, many extra shoppers will make it their business to come to the town and avail of the savings for their weekly shopping, ” said Cllr. Cunningham.
 He said that depending on the successful outcome of the “Fiver Friday” pilot-scheme, the trade sector in Castleblayney might ultimately decide to extend the scheme to Saturday, which would then undoubtedly “make Castleblayney once again the busiest and best week-end shopping town in the entire north east”.

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