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By Veronica Corr

MONAGHAN MAN Stephen Brannigan has every reason to be a proud father, as he found himself in the unusual position of having to deliver his own son — with a little help from his wife Niamh and a paramedic at the end of the phone!
Baby Parker, weighing seven pounds and nine ounces, was born at 1.18am on Friday last, August 5th. The delivery took place in the front seat of his parents’ car, as there were two child seats in the back!
Conscientious dad Stephen had one child seat installed in advance of Niamh’s due date last Saturday, and the couple also have a two-year-old toddler.
The Brannigans left their home in Drummans, Scotstown at 12.30am on Friday morning. Niamh’s labour pains started in earnest at around 11pm on the Thursday night, but she thought these were Braxton Hicks contractions, like she had experienced with a previous pregnancy.
However, she realised that it was not a false alarm and that the couple wouldn’t reach Cavan General Hospital in time.
So, they pulled in their car at McQuaid’s Auto Parts in the townland of Clonfad, County Fermanagh, just outside Clones, whereupon Stephen realised he would have to do the honours himself!
He later told The Northern Standard that he had no medical training apart from a first aid course a decade or so ago!
Following Stephen’s 999 call, during which he was instructed by a paramedic, an ambulance was sent to the scene, arriving 20—25 minutes after the delivery.
Stephen commented that it was only after the delivery, while they were waiting for the ambulance to come that the couple had time to think about what had just occurred!
He recalled nervously waiting to see if mother and baby would receive a clean bill of health, which they subsequently did. They were both brought to Cavan General Hospital by ambulance, followed by a relieved husband and father in the car.
Little Parker — none the worse for coming into the world in a parked car! — was later placed in an incubator and put on a course of antibiotics, in order to prevent infection. Mother and child were kept in for observation until Sunday morning.
“Thank God everything went well and everyone is healthy. It all happened very quickly, I couldn’t fault anyone. I think we’re still in shock and what happened really hasn’t hit home yet,” the elated dad stated.
The Brannigans have two other children, girls Taylor (17) and Marley (2), who are delighted to welcome their little brother into the fold.
Stephen, who is proprietor of Scotstown Fuels, concluded by saying that the couple have no further plans to expand their family circle, as after all — three’s a charm!

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