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THE attack on the Taoiseach Enda Kenny by Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin in the Dail on Tuesday last, in the ongoing Roscommon hospital storm brought the situation relating to Monaghan General Hospital into fresh political focus this week, with the presentation of a file by former Cavan/Monaghan Fine Gael deputy Seymour Crawford, in which he points out how former Minister Martin categorically promised the restoration of 24/7 services at Monaghan General in 2002, with “an absolute guarantee of the Fianna Fail government’s commitment to ‘the retention of a full range of services’ in Monaghan.
Mr. Crawford said he could not remain silent in the wake of what he described as the “hypocritical outpourings” of the Fianna Fail leader, in view of the extent of all the written evidence of Mr. Martin’s broken promises about Monaghan General Hospital! .
Mr. Crawford—who produced verbatim copies yesterday of Mr. Martin’s assurances about the future of Monaghan General Hospital— said it was extremely difficult to listen to him being so self-righteous in the Dail in Tuesday and in the media, regarding hospital promises.
“I clearly remember him on the platform at Monaghan General Hospital in January 2002, giving an absolute guarantee of his, and his government’s commitment, to Monaghan General Hospital, when he stated they needed Monaghan hospital, and the country also needed additional capacity in their acute hospital services”.
He said Mr. Martin declared at the time there was “no per centage for any Minister in closing hospitals, because all the capacity was needed”.
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