8 July 2011 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Recent Census figures indicated that the population decline in the Clones area was not as severe as had been previously indicated, Senior Planner Adrian Hughes told Monaghan Co Council on Monday during a discussion of the preparation process for the new Co Development Plan.
Pat Treanor, referring to the public meeting in relation to the Development Plan held in Clones, said that they had learned of a decline in population trends in the area of close to 40% over the last twenty years. He thought there needed to be positive initiatives taken to counter this – doing nothing was not an option.
Realistic as well as visionary suggestions were made at the Clones meeting, and he would urge that they be more than noted, and that the Co Council examine potential initiatives to reverse the population trend in the area and put it on the right track.
Hugh McElvaney also referred to the depopulation of the Clones area, asking how much land in that area it was intended to zone for retail and commercial development and encouraging the planners to maximise their efforts to develop the town of Clones.
Senior Planner Mr Hughes said that preliminary Census figures indicated that the decline in the Clones population was not as acute as they had first anticipated. The situation was not rosy and there was still a decline, but it was not as severe as had first been indicated.

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