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Proven entrepreneurial acumen was being harnessed in Co Monaghan to produce a strategic vision for economic recovery and growth in the years ahead, the Chairman of the Monaghan Co Development Board, Mid-Monaghan public representative Gary Carville, told the June meeting of Monaghan Co Council.
Colr Carville was formally delivering the Interim Report from the business leaders’ fora established by the Development Board under the terms of the Co Monaghan Economic Strategy 2010-2014.
An overview was also given to the meeting of the economic-related activity that the Co Council was engaged in during the first five months of 2011, Acting Co Manager David Fallon stating that it was important to recognise that things were still going on in the county despite the recession, and that some substantial and significant infrastructural investment in the county was going on, although at a reduced scale.
Co Development Board facilitators Dympna Condra and Kevin McNally were also present at the meeting to respond to members’ questions.
Mr McNally called on the councillors to bring details of the Rural Broadband Scheme to the attention of their constituents, and pointed out that information on the scheme could be accessed on the Co Council and Dept websites.
In his remarks to the meeting, Colr Carville said that one of the key changes that emanated from the reform of local government in recent decades was the establishment of the Co Development Boards.
“The purpose of these boards is that they take account of, and be led by, the local authority and, moreover, that they bring together the different strands of the community and the economy in driving forward an agenda of development – economic, social, cultural and community.
“Ireland, I have no need to remind members, is going through a severe economic experience at the moment and it is appropriate, therefore, that we have a look at ourselves and how we can do things differently and better.
“One of the great features of our county is our entrepreneurial spirit. With such a resource on our doorstep, with such talent available to us, it is only right that the CDB should bring that talent together on a sectoral basis and integrate it with the relevant State agencies so as to bring about strategic thinking.
“It is often said that our economic planning in the past was not strategic. Monaghan CDB and this Council has taken this on board and what has occurred through the Business Leaders Fora and the process that we report on today, is the outline of a strategic vision for our county in the years ahead.”

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