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A SURVEILLANCE operation over several weeks, plus earlier tip-offs to the gardai and revenue authorities, led to the latest crackdown last week on a major cross-border fuel laundering operation at Drumacon near Castleblayney, a short distance from the South Armagh border.
The early morning swoop and seizure of an illicit plant, huge containers, two tankers, fuel, and sludge, effectively terminated part of an €11 million cross-border racket in which it was claimed, the plant had a capability of “doctoring” up to twenty million litres of fuel annually.
While it was claimed by some sources at the weekend that the Castleblayney plant was the largest in the country seized by the Revenue authorities and gardai, local sources have suggested a number of other similar-sized illicit operations are known to be located in the region, to supply illegally laundered fuel to the Republic’s market over several months. It is also believed a much larger fuel laundering operation was set up recently on the Northern side of the border.
Thursday’s seizure was followed by a further incident in which a Revenue official was obstructed and a tanker which was seized, set on fire, as it was being removed by a trailer from the premises which were targeted in the joint garda-Customs raid, for which a number of early warrants were issued.

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