21 April 2011 One Comment by The Northern Standard

Plans for the reinstallation in a new location in Old Cross Square in Monaghan Town of the historic sundial monument were outlined at Monday night’s meeting of Monaghan Town Council.
Informing the members about the ongoing works in Old Cross Square, the Town Engineer (Gareth McMahon) said that the compulsory purchase order required in the area had now been confirmed following an oral hearing. There were legal procedures to be gone through following this but these were on schedule, and the completion date for works in the area was June 30.
When Donal Sherry asked about the monument, the Engineer said that its new location would be in front of Terence Clerkin’s property and this would be done as part of the completion works. The restoration work to the monument was complete and it was ready to be re-erected.
Pádraigín Uí Mhurchadha asked if the monument would be elevated somewhat, and if there would be an information inscription made available in relation to it.
The Engineer replied that they would not put any inscription on the monument itself, but they would probably erect an interpretative or descriptive plate. They had salvaged as many of the monument steps that were located underground as they could, and there would now be six steps at the base of the monument whereas there were originally four.

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  • Steve Latenne said:

    They took long enough about it.
    Why can’t the council stick at a job until it’s completed instead of moving about from pillar to post and leaving everything half finished and in chaos?