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By Michael McDonnell

A pigmeat producing factory in Scotstown, Monaghan has this week reacted angrily to claims made by the IFA following a protest held at the plant on Thursday last, 7th April, where pig producers vented their frustration at processors they claim to be involved in the widespread importation of pig meat, a practice the farmers allege to be “effectively putting Irish farmers out of business.”
However, Connolly Meats Ltd, where the protest was held, issued a statement this week where it said over 80% of its pigmeat was coming from Irish farmers, and that this fact had been made clear to a delegation from the protest that included Amii Cahill, Executive Secretary of the IFA’s Pigs and Pigmeat Committee.
Connolly Meats told the Northern Standard that what it described as several misleading articles appeared in various newspapers and websites following the protest, and that “one-sided coverage” of the event had portrayed the plant in an unfair light, given that it was a major consumer of the protesters’ pigs.
The company had never confused or misled the public on the origin of its pigmeat, it said, and always tried to ensure that all produce sold in the Republic of Ireland was of Irish origin.
In its statement, Connolly Meats said that the protesters initially accused the company of importing all its pigmeat outside of Ireland, and had claimed this could be proven by “two packets of rashers that did not contain the Bord Bia logo”.
But it goes on to add that the IFA delegation was subsequently shown traceability records, and that the representatives “left Connolly Meats in the knowledge that over 80% of our pigmeat comes from the Irish farmer”.
It also adds that Connolly meats is one of the top producers using Irish pigmeat, which was being received on a weekly basis from 110 farms in Ireland, and that while it did import a small percentage of the meat from within the EU, this was exported again to the UK market.

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