Lithuanian defendants ordered by judge to leave the country

1 April 2011 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Two Lithuanian defendants who pleaded guilty, in separate cases, to charges that came before Monaghan District Court on Monday last were ordered by Judge Sean MacBride to leave to country.
A third defendant, also from Lithuania, who admitted stealing a piece of jewellery belonging to another person at a shop in Monaghan, also came close to being told to leave Ireland, although the judge had a change of heart when Damien Rudden, solr, stressed that this had been his client’s only offence after being in this country for 10 years.
In the case of one of the men ordered go back to their homeland, a 25-year-old who has been based in Monaghan for a number of years, the judge directed that must leave the jurisdiction within two months or else face a six-month prison sentence.
Arturas Liachovic of 37 Fairview Drive, Killygoan, had admitted having traces of heroin in his possession at Kilnacloy in June of last year, and had also pleaded guilty to stealing a bottle of vodka from Dunnes Stores in Monaghan on 3rd January last.
He was told by Judge MacBride that concurrent six-month prison sentences for both offences were being suspended for two-years, but only on condition that he present gardai with travel documentation within two months to show he was returning to Lithuania.
A series of motor offence charges against Mr Liachovic, arising from an incident on 28th November last, were adjourned to 16th May next.
In making his order, the judge stressed that he was not discriminating against the defendant on grounds of his nationality, and stated that as a judge he respected every individual, regardless of their ethnicity.
Kevin Hickey, solr, sought recognisances to appeal the ruling, which were set at €1,000 in the defendant’s own bond with a number of conditions attached.
An earlier suggestion by Mr Hickey that community service be considered was rejected by Judge MacBride, who was adamant that this was a case of “amach an doras — out the door with him”.
Another Lithuanian national who had recorded a number of drink-driving convictions while living in this country in recent years was also told to return to his home country, in order to have the final three months of a six-month jail sentence suspended.
Gintaras Vydmantas (46), who admitted driving with drink taken — while he was already disqualified — at Drumbear, Monaghan on 14th March last, was told by the judge he could serve a six-month prison term, or serve three months of that term and have the last three months suspended provided he agreed to leave the country within two months.
The defendant opted for the latter choice, stating that he would go back to his home country upon being released.
Disqualifying him from holding an Irish driving licence for 10 years, Judge MacBride told Mr Vydmantas he was lucky there was no reciprocal legislation with his native land, as this would have prohibited him from driving in that country also.
But he was reminded that upon release he was to get a plane ticket within 14 days and say “bye bye”.
Both defendants were told they were not to return to the country inside the next two years
Meanwhile, a third man, also from Lithuania, who admitted taking a gold necklace that a woman left behind her at Fleming’s SuperValu, Monaghan on 21st January last was initially told by Judge MacBride that he would be directed to leave the country.
But when Mr Rudden, solr, pointed out that Mindaugas Rapalis (aged 42) had been in the country for 10 years and had never been in trouble before, Judge MacBride decided not to insist that he leave, and instead imposed a six-month sentence, suspended for two years.

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