Monaghan skateboarders in spotlight after public complaints

25 February 2011 No Comments by The Northern Standard

The regular evening phenomenon in Monaghan Town of young skateboarders using the newly paved plaza area of The Diamond to exhibit their prowess came under the spotlight at Monday night’s meeting of Monaghan Town Council.
A number of complaints from the public in relation to the skateboarding activities were referred to by the members, and Monaghan Town Manager David Fallon expressed the view that the plaza was “not a suitable location” for the pursuit.
Suggesting that the provision of an alternative skateboarding facility at a different location in the town could be considered, Mr Fallon said there was a very simple solution to the skateboarding problem in the town centre that was in operation in Dublin. The Council would pursue this matter and see if a similar system could be put in place in The Diamond.
The matter was raised by Fine Gael’s David Maxwell, who said he was not against the skateboarding activity per se. However, referring to the activities of young people at the plaza area, he said he knew someone who had been coming down Glaslough Street when a BMX bike came flying out across the plaza. This had given the person concerned a considerable scare.
Colr Maxwell said there appeared to be four or five skateboarders in the plaza area most evenings, and he thought there would be more in the brighter evenings. He thought there was potential for conflict down the line between the skateboarders and people who wanted to use the seating that had been provided in the Diamond area.
Cathaoirleach Robbie Gallagher thought the situation was quite dangerous for pedestrians. He had walked across The Diamond in the evenings and skateboarders were flying past you. He thought a pedestrian could be knocked over very easily.
Donal Sherry pointed out that this matter was discussed at a recent meeting of the Monaghan Town Joint Policing Committee.
Colr Maxwell proposed that a “yellow box” traffic marking be put in place in the area of the new junction at The Diamond to prevent traffic build-ups occurring there.

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